Friday, October 17, 2008

The CRUEL Pedicure

So I have been telling Jillian for a week now that we would go downstairs and watch a movie and have a spa, pedicure night.  This entails filling the foot spa, flooding the basement family room, and soaking our feet followed by the use of the pedicure feet TOOLS.  Always very fun.  It gives us a good excuse to finally get that toe nail polish off --the polish that hasn't given up, the leftovers from the last pedicure or nail polish 2 months ago, the little left showing on the nail for weeks because we just can't get to taking it off or repainting.  I began the shaving of the heel process with the razor.  It was like chiseling  away searching for a fossil, revealing what once was there...a heel.  It felt so good to remove the inches of calouced skin, but I can now see that the old Addege "less is more" would have been good here.  I finished feeling like I had new skin revealed that had been hidden, just waiting to be exposed.  I think I now know that perhaps there is a reason that we have skin covering our inner epidermis or inner tissue.  I walked upstairs after the pedicure to put Jillian to bed and get her medication.  We called the boys in for family prayer and while I was kneeling they kids came in horrified asking why my heals were all bloody.  This is no joke.  It really did happen.  I hadn't even realized they were bleeding all over.  A little while later the pain started to set in.  By the time I went to bed I had to medicate on heavy pain pills so I could go to sleep and bare the pain and then re-medicate 4 hours later.  It has been 2 days later and I feel like I am still tip-toeing around my house because me heels are killing me to walk.  I just keep thinking of the story Jeff used to tell of "THE CRUEL SHOES"  when before walking out of the store replying, "Yes, I love them."  So as I can barely walk around me house and jogging on my toes, I think of  "THE CRUEL PEDICURE- yes, I love my pedicure!!!"  I am coming to Texas in November and am available if any one would like a pedicure.